Because we want to unite the society instead of classifying people: we are all members of a big society, despite social rank, abilities, property, and temperament. A sunflower is what perfectly depicts such a society. Many seeds - big and small, full and empty - are grouped together to form this beautiful big flower head. And despite their differences, they are all together as one beautiful flower that always strives towards the sun.


FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is there any age limitation for corresponding to the website?

Correspondents must be up to 18 years old – as the website is created for and by children and adolescents.

Will all the materials I send be published on the website?

Anything you write will be welcome! Our editorial team will discuss and choose the materials to publish.

What are the preferable topics for the articles?

Anything that concerns the following titles: Entertainment, Education, Society, Culture, Sport, Science, Environment, and Personal.

Is there anything I cannot write about on the website?

We never publish materials if: they are classified by law as secret or preach illegal actions; contain hate speech or discrimination based on sex/gender, race, ethnic or social origin, genetic characteristics, language, religion, ideas and beliefs, belonging to an ethnic minority, property, disability, age and other personal or social circumstances; the source is not authoritative or contains disputable or obviously fake information; the content violates people’s privacy (including respect for private and family life, home, property, health, and correspondence); contain direct or covert advertising.

Is there any limitation to what country I am corresponding from?

No. We are happy to receive materials from all around the world.

In what language should I send the materials?

English, Georgian and Armenian.

Can I send anyone else’s photographs if I like them much?

We prefer publishing the authors’ original materials. But you can send someone else’s photographs if its author has allowed free reuse without special permission.

What kind of materials can I send for the website (text, photos, etc)?

We would appreciate reading any story that you share with us. You can send us texts, photographs, and videos. Tell us about your life and the world around you. 

Share anything that draws your interest. Our editors will pick the materials that match our website’s content, and we’ll publish them.

Austrian Development Cooperation
The website is created within the framework of the project “Speaking of Myself – Empowerment and Networking for Better Inclusion across Regions. The project is funded by Austrian International Development Agency and Open Society Foundations’ Education Support Programs (Budapest). The project is coordinated in Austria by Interkulturelles Zentrum Verein. The coordinating organisation in Armenia is Bridge of Hope NGO and “Orran” NGO is the partner organisation. Partner organisations in Georgia are Union Berillus, Liberta and Biliki.