Animals Have the Right to Life

Կենդանին ունի ապրելու իրավունք– Is it late now, Mom? – the fox pup asked.

– Yes, my boy. The sun is down and all the children are in beds now, – mother fox said.

– Do their daddies read them bedtime stories?

– Well, well… will you mind if I read to you?

– No, mom, I won’t. Mom, is “human” evil?

– Why are you asking that?

– My friends say that daddy didn’t do to the other forest. He’s taken by people. Mom, they are lying, aren’t they?

“What should I say? No, just don’t cry, he mustn’t see your tears. But how can I say it to him? He’s too young. Well, maybe next time” – mother fox thought.

– Of course, they are lying.

– Mom, I want him to come back home. Will he?

– He will, my boy, he will come back, – said the mother, embracing the pup. Animals have no declarations stating that “animals have the right to life”, but it doesn’t mean that we can kill them to satisfy our whims.

2 millions of dogs and cats and 4 million karakul lambs are killed every year in Chinese animal farms.

For one fur coat, it takes: 60-70 sables; 10-20 foxes; 30-40 hares or raccoons; 30-70 muskrats; 200-400 squirrels.

Each of them has a heart, a right to life, maybe a family a babies whom they have never read bedtime stories.

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