Dreaming of a Kids’ TV Channel

Little children adore animhayreniktv-jpegated movies and kids’ TV programs. As children, we used to watch “Hayreniq” TV channel, which was offering a variety of educational and informative programs, funny and entertaining cartoons… Kids were watching their favorite “Harlequins” show in the mornings and going to kindergarten in a great mood. At the end of the day their favorite characters were wishing them a good night, and those sweet bedtime stories would even make a wayward kid want to go to bed.

“Hayreniq” channel closed in 2010 and has never been replaced with another one. It was the only channel to broadcast everything for children: even the commercials on that channel were enjoyable. If only we had this channel back! Or at least something to replace it. A channel to broadcast local animated movies and entertaining educational programs, so that we didn’t have to watch everything translated or dubbed. We really need one children’s channel to keep ourselves away from of all those soap operas, never-ending political battles, so that we don’t go online every time we want to watch something worthy.

Why wouldn’t we have our channel?



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