From Better to the Best

IMG_6074We could never imagine things would go this far. In the beginning we knew very little about this project, nevertheless, we were involved in some activities as the school we represent, Rustavi public school N11, was engaged in the project activities.

DSC02222A good illustration of a close cooperation of our school and this project is Romma Mari, who gains an education of full value at my school. We have attended annual conferences with Mari which gave us knowledge about the origins of Romma people as we met them personally and heard their stories. These conferences gave us an opportunity to speak to large audiences and expand my knowledge.

IMAG1478During the school period, we learned about the two-day training seminar on the origins and daily problems of Romma people. We went to Tbilisi with Mari. Once we entered the training room, we noticed Romma Suraji, who seemed very social and outgoing, which determined my attitude towards Rommas positively. The first day of the seminar left huge emotions, we waited impatiently for the second day. The seminar was innovative and emotional to us. IMAG1471We thought we would not meet people present their, until the annual conference. But soon after the training we were informed that we were invited to a three-day training course outside the city. We were excited to see Suraji on the place of departure. We became friends immediately. The organizers of the summer workshop greeted us very friendly in village Aragvispiri. The environment was very well equipped and clean. We had a meeting immediately where participants and organizers got acquainted. We were divided into two groups. Suraji happened to be a member of our team. We were surprised with his skills and scored very well throughout the team work due to his enormous abilities. Within these three days, we managed shooting short, 3-minute films. We gained significant information about making a film. We attended lessons of civil education and psychology. Teams had many tasks to accomplish within given time, played games and gained points for motivation. In mornings we had fitness and during the day we were offered very nice IMAG1494meals. Trainers were professionals in their fields and had a very friendly relationship towards participants. The only desire we had was to extend the workshop days longer than 3 days. On the last evening, we had our films presentation, which increased our self-esteem. Later we presented our thank-you posters which united events passed within these 3 days. Before our departure, we were asked to evaluate the program, comment on improving it and you may already guess what we said – prolong the days of our stay.

We now write this words with huge impressions and love and want to repeat the above said: “we could never imagine things would go this far”.


Melisa Sari

Ia Chikhladze

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