“The boy in the striped pajamas” at the lyceum after Anania Shirakatsy

The lyceum after Anania Shirakatsy now has a book club. “Nor Vernatun” club started its work on 23rd of March.

Arsen Vardanyan – the club leader and a teacher of Armenian language –  says: ”The purpose of the club is to encourage students to read fiction. Also, it is necessary to introduce the most famous pieces of modern literature to the readers.”

The first discussion of the club was about “The boy in the striped pajamas” by John Boyne. It tells a story of the secret friendship between Jewish and German boys during the Holocaust.

During the discussion, participants talked about one of the most famous quotes in the novel. “A home is not a building or a street or a city or something so artificial as bricks and mortar. A home is where one’s family is, isn’t that right?” The first successful discussion motivated the children to participate again.

Meetings will be held once in a month. Pupils will have a month to read the book and get ready for the next discussion. The participants. The books are chosen by the participants on the following criteria:

– works of modern literature;

– written in or translated into Armenian;

– small in size.

The organizers expect more active participation and more interesting discussions.

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