Speaking of OURselves

-Who are we?!


This is how our mornings started. Well, not that exactly. This was the beginning. Victor (one of the camp coordinators and our counselor) used to whistle so loud that our ears hurt. Then, if anyone was still in bed, he would bang on their door so hard he could break it. After that, we would stand in a row and start shouting out team names and mottos. We used to yell so loud that nobody could hear a thing. 

“Speaking of Myself” media camp 2017 was successful. We learned to spend our times with foreigners, got used to their cultures, tried to learn the most difficult words in their languages. You should see the people from Georgia and Russia trying to pronounce the word yepiskopos (bishop in Armenian). 

Together we went to the dolphinarium, organized events. We learned some traditional dances of each other’s nations. And by all means, we had a lot of fun. There’s one Georgian word that I can’t forget: mzis-chasvla (which means “sunset”) If you read this word, I can guarantee, you pronounced it the wrong way. This one word took me twenty minutes to learn. 

And the media clubs were the places where we made friends with each other. Making short films, animations and photo stories together requires teamwork. Of course, there we also disagreed with each other a lot. But at the end of the day, we became the people following our motto: only heading forward and always together.


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Austrian Development Cooperation
The website is created within the framework of the project “Speaking of Myself – Empowerment and Networking for Better Inclusion across Regions. The project is funded by Austrian International Development Agency and Open Society Foundations’ Education Support Programs (Budapest). The project is coordinated in Austria by Interkulturelles Zentrum Verein. The coordinating organisation in Armenia is Bridge of Hope NGO and “Orran” NGO is the partner organisation. Partner organisations in Georgia are Union Berillus, Liberta and Biliki.