My Town in Summer (Part 1)

The correspondents of Sunflower summarize the Summer by showing how they see it in their towns. 


Photoghraphs by Argam Amiraghyan, 12 years old 
The cozy park of Noyemberyan is featured. Being one of the few public places for entertainment, the park is important to the town of Noyemberyan. The residents of the town love this place from the very childhood and often come here after they grow up, to take a break from their everyday routine. 


Photographs by Vram Budaghyan, 9 years old

There is an old tradition in Noyemberyan: older people spend their summers in mountains to manage to feed all the animals with fresh grass. Many children have spent their vacations the same way, close to nature. 

Now, in the century of high-tech, less people go to the mountains, so children don’t often have the chance to learn what only nature can teach. 



Photographs by Karine Lachinyan, 14 years old  

The sculpture has been made in 1970, on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of USSR. Authors: A. Tarakhyan, S. Avetisyan, Kh. Vardinyan. 




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