The Big Sun in the City

Every artist lives in their own magical world. The painter Arev Petrosyan has created such a colorful wo
rld for herself. With her name meaning Sun, she creates pieces that keep you warm and make you feel delighted. And Arev herself is a big sun in the heart of the city.the-big-sun2

– When did you start making art and what was your biggest lesson?
– I think I started it as a little child. You know, when one is attentive by nature, every lesson is important: beginning with the one when you burn your finger as a little kid, and then, as you grow up, small disappointments and other lessons come. I mean, there’s no big or small lesson at any age. I remember how my father said that everyone needs to be free and paint their own fairytale. Maybe these words are what made me want to become an artist.
– You say that you need to be free. What does freedom mean to you?
– To me, freedom has nothing to do with the mode of life. Freedom is a deep spiritual feeling which can’t be expressed by actions. Indeed, we seek for our own expression of freedom in our look and in breaking stereotypes, but these are the first steps only. Inner freedom is the true freedom. It can’t be shown. Its only limit is other people’s freedom.
– What is your favorite color and what does it mean to you?
– I like all the colors. Combinations are different. I do love black and white.
– They say that artists see every single thing in their specific colors. In what color do you see our motherland?
– My motherland is the brightest spot in the world to me, just because it’s ours. I think it’s colorful because we carry all the colors of life. My country is full of firm colors – dark shades blue and red.
– Your art is revolutionary: you use organic glass instead of canvas and gold and silver instead of paints. How did you come to this idea?
– I’ve always liked transparency. I started with bottles, then I painted on glass. It was breaking, the paint wasn’t long-lasting. Anyway, 15 years were enough for finding the technique that works for me. What I really like now is transparency and the reflection of the metals.
– Does creating art require a special mood?
– It requires special cleanness. I need to put the glass in front of me and then clean up my mind. It must be as transparent as the glass. I get rid of all the negativity and then put all the positive vibes on the glass.
the-big-sun– Do you think that the conditions for artists are good in our country?
– For creativity – they are! Our country is like a heaven to an artist. Its energy and its people make you create. Small towns, big circles, lots of impressions. But creativity is not the only thing that an artist needs. The creative process is as important as the presentation of the artwork and its appreciation. That’s why we need to get to the world market. The market is open now, even if you are on the top of a mount. We just need to get used to the new forms of communication. Still, we need to introduce our art to the world, and our country is not the most open one.
– If you had a time machine and an opportunity to go back to the past for only ten minutes, what would you change in your life?
– There’s nothing I would change. I would just take my time to enjoy the nature in peace.
– Don’t you have that peace now?
– I do. What I mean is I don’t have much to change. All the things that have happened in my past are parts of me. I wouldn’t be me without my failures. So I would just take my time to enjoy those minutes in peace.

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