The High School Students and the Tutors Feeling Caged

Սեղանին դրված քննական թեստի օրինակ, քննական համարOne day, after passing this year’s exams – successfully, yet nervously – I got to count how many exams I had taken at the University. Not that I needed to know the number of the examinations, I just wondered how many times I had been stressed: 200 and more. And the stressful period begins when you are at school, reading up for entrance exams and the 12-years education system is the primary reason.
12th year’s students may hardly know their class schedules. The only thing they care about remembering is the answers to the practice tests. And of course, they need a tutor for learning all those answers, as the school program doesn’t meet all their requirements. Thus, the high school education becomes paid, but the tutors are the one who gets paid.

Physical and mental stress, long hours of work with the tutors, learning the numbers in the questionnaires, the stress, and anxiety of the exams, the fear of having the double education and transportation costs wasted: all these circumstances are enough for evaluation of the quality and effectiveness of education and related services.

This never-ending issue raises many questions.
The first question is: why can’t we enter university without private lessons and why doesn’t the 12-year educational system solve this problem?

The second question is: what should a parent do when their child can and wants to study at university? Why do they have to pay half of their income to the tutors and spend the other half on questionnaires at not-so-reasonable prices?

And the third question is: what should a teacher do with a salary like theirs, other than tutoring?

Now the only thing left for you to do is marking the correct answers and entering university. But you don’t know about the 200 or more coming stresses yet.

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